Written by Anonymous. Posted in United Kingdom

I am almost sure that Bishop Auckland is where the initial Chav infestation occured. We must strike now, maybe the mother Charv has her nest here, it must be destroyed in order to save us all from Happy Harcore and being hassled for a tab in the street and if you say you aint got any tabs left, the chav is willing to have the ciggarete end from your mouth. We must save ourselves from this terrible epedemic.

I think I saw what is the Queen charv on the bus the other day she was obviously a high ranking charv. The classic signs were there, about 10-15 golden chains most having clowns and other figures hanging from them. Her ears we drooping from the huge amount of earings that completely engulfed her ears. She was also the oldest charv I haver ever seen I do not know what was keeping her alive but it was some mysterious charv powers. She also had the princess charv with her, it was obvious to me that she was the air to the throne of charv.

I beleive Bishop Auckland holds the key to the enhilation of the charv. You cant walk down the street or go anywhere without receiving some s**t of one of the filthy scums.

Let the forces of good unite and come to Bishop Auckland where we will stand against the charvs and destroy them. I am fully aware of the key targets that must be destroyed. There is still hope for the good people of the world.

May the force be with you.

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