birstall (leicestershire)

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after reading about the sad demise of SILEBY in this section of “chavtowns”. I felt duty bound to include it’s near neighbour BIRSTALL.
Again tucked away in the countryside between the dual mecca’s of chavdom that are LEICESTER and LOUGHBOROUGH.
The youth of Birstall have recently become obsessed with copying their near neighbours by dressing in ridiculous “FAKE” sportwear and riding in “chavmobiles” pumping out the very worst of R&B & Hip-Hop. Their main points of congregation seem to be the park & outside Mcolls/Bargain Booze, attempting to purchase cheap cider & scare old ladies with their rancid language & spitting.
About as frightening as a gaggle of Riverside mothers. these morons are the latest youth culture to afflict this peaceful affluent village.

Gone are the heady days of the “Birstall Blades” who would have wiped the floor with these social rejects.

My only hope is that they should travel to nearby SILEBY of an evening & fight it out C**v to C**v with their nemises.

A couple of jars of special brew & merrydown snakebite in the Free Trade Inn. (No ID required)
and it’s off to the Horse & Trumpet for an hilarious toe to toe. Watch that fake burberry dosent get ripped you s**m.

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