Birmingham (Cotteridge)

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Cotteridge is a C**v’s heaven – plenty of bike sheds to smoke round the back of! And lots of other c**v’s to hang around with, generally causing a nusance.
Imagine a place where c***s don’t exist, the world is calm and nobody wears burberry. Well let me asure you, this is most definately NOT the place to come 😐 Here c***s (or kevs as they are better known) act as if they are the kings of the world, the “hard men” of Cotteridge. Minimal burberry, but the soverign rings, necklases and hoodies, it’s just gross! You can’t walk home without the smell of cigarettes in your face, and if you ask them to stop, the reply you get is “No, don’t tell me what I can do, or i’ll batta’ yaz” One thing I notice is if you’re at all different from any of them, you’re gonna be instantly threatened by them, whether it be because of your weight, colour, height, you name it! They’ll find something to make fun of. Anyway! We have a lovely park lots of open spaces, but oh no, the c***s seem desperate to hide behind the shed; smoking. As if nobody knows they’re there *sigh*
At school, there’s an obvious group of c***s, they all look the same in their caps, their hoodies, their trainers… you could spot them a mile off. I’ve never dared asked what they talk about while there sit there every lunchtime… personally i’m not sure I want to know…
In the main shopping area, there’s a surprisingly low amount of them, but there’s the odd 1 or 2 that linger, smoking, generally causing a nusance.

My friend (who shall remain nameless) is from Pakistan, he’s a perfectly nice guy… but he asked a c**v to move out of the way so he could get through the corridor, the reply he got was “You think you can come into this country and expect me to move for you?! You’ve gotta be kidding”

A c**v came up behind me and a group of my friends, he said to us “Move now, we wanna get past, or we’ll batta’ ya” We simply refused, he asked again but in a slightly more gruff voice. We still refused to move. He then pushed my friend over and cycled away.

In my history class, word had got out about my anti-c**v comments in my website, I was approached by one who started punching me, and all I said was “Seems you’re talking with your fists again eh?” he simply punched me harder.

Anyway, I think you’ve got the idea that a c**v infestation is underway and needs to be stopped… and pretty soon!

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