Birmingham City Centre

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Having read about all of the Chav Towns in the UK, i have to admit that Birmingham had a more Dispersed Chav Population compared to most of the UK, however, i still thought it deserved a mention. In my opinion, birmingham city centre exists solely for the purpose of Chavs (it still remains an miracle that the freespirit hasnt been bombed yet) The highlights of Birmingham include 3 McDonalds, within five minutes of each other (which ensures that a chav cannot starve while on a trip to birmingham) A JD sports situated right opposite a JJB sports, and the market. The market sems to be where most of the Chav mothers and fathers seem to have grown up during the course of their lives. It is not an uncommon sight for flocks of chavs heading for the market in the hope of picking up a stolen phone or two. Also, a recent addition to birmingham which has not helped to decrease the Chav population in Birmingham is the Bull ring. Equipped with a JD sports, and about four mobile phone shops, many chavs can be sighted in there, and if you are lucky, you may even be able to see a few of them attempt to steal from the phone shops, only to fail miserably and end up walking off in the company of two policemen. The Mecca for all chavs would have to be the Odeon Cinema. Many a time i have witnessed Groups of burberry clad chavs buying a ticket for a film, coming out of the film finished, and walking into another screen, taking much care not to be spotted by the employee allowing people into the cinema (who in actual fact happens to be a chav aswell, and couldnt give a s**t)

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