Birkenhead….liverpool’s throwback

Just over that river styx…sorry mersey from the **** capital of culture 2008, lies a town that I cannot believe had had a mention here so far….Birkenhead is a town that personifies *****, at least if you go out in any other town there are at least some “normal” people walkin around, go to birkenhead, day or night, and you’ll see none.

The JJB sports there is so big that they had to put it UNDERGROUND just to make room. The ***** wonder around looking for anyone wearin any clothes not made by burberry, adidas or the usual, and they hurl abuse….”airwalk??? Woss da? Can you walk on air in dem???” ha…..ha…..ha….. Any boy with hair longer than shaved then its “ey mate, gedda hair cut, yer look like a girllll!”….oh yes that lovely scouse drawl’s prominant here too….don’t get me wrong….you meet me I’ll sound like a scouser…but its just the way these ***** exaggerate the accent….it’s ridiculous.

Then the night life, well I’ll give that there are some spots that you could be happy enough to stay (leaving them and wondering around outside is the worry)…the iron door club for example….but the rest is chavwonderland…..clubs like “the beach” and “fever” aimed for super-***** with cheap vodka red-bulls and the fact that all girls get in on the cheap if their wearing next to nothing…..***** flock their in the thousands, I’d tell you what the clubs are like but I’m actually too scared to go in….and its not like liverpool, where there are actually cctv cameras, and you fell a bit safe….you actually fear for your life when you step on the streets, you actually think their gonna **** you….if there’s one thing worse than *****, its drunk ***** looking for fights with knives…….or ***** that are underage and cant get drunk with knives….which ever way you put it.

How grim is your Postcode?

o yeh….take a walk through birkenhead park at night and dont expect to come out with anything you went in with…including your virginity…**** or otherwise….these are the worst breed of ****, those that cant afford the hustle and bustle of the town centre, those that will happily mug, ****, stab, and much worse….simply because that gold necklace your girlfriend/mate/mother is wearing is real….and their jealous…..

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