Billingham, a ********.

North East
Those familiar with the town called Billingham, will know that this town is as ****** as a town could possibly be. It has always, of course, been a ******** – grey and depressing, but that cannot be helped. The town lives in the shadow of the ICI and other chemical facilities, in one of the poorest regions of Britain. So it has never been heaven.

However, if there is a Kingdom of *****, then that Kingdom is most surely Billingham. ***** here can be seen pretty much wherever you go, whether it is groups of ***** around a bonfire drinking white lightening or just the two, glaring at any one passing by who do not conform to their ‘incredible’ fashion sense. Here, several different **** Gangs rule the different areas of Billingham – often going to war with each other over anything. These gangs amuse themselves when not fighting by throwing stones at buses going past, destroying children’s parks, drinking cheap beer, vandalising bus stops and the like and of course, beating up percieved "emos" or "moshers."

These *****, pasty white, often spotty, short-haired and lacking in any sort of intelligence whatsoever, cannot be engaged in any sort of conversation. They are braindead. ***** here are simply stupid and violent. These ***** will gladly **** up their victims for being darker than them, smarter than them, or for just simply there at the time.

Billingham is insanely ******** with *****. They’re everywhere. Bad enough for the town that it is not particularly wealthy, or nice to look at it. Now, it has became so ******** with ***** that Billingham is actually more depressing then it used to be – something that amazes us who have been forced to live here their entire lives. So let me warn thee who reads this, to never come to this town. If you do, try and leave as quickly as possible. Especially if you’re wealthy, or even just comfortable. People will damage any cars deemed fancy here.

If you’re a native, then I share your plight. I suggest you get the **** out of this town as quickly as physically possible. Decent people don’t deserve to live in a town where thugs rule.

God forbid if ***** actually got intelligent.

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