a real shocker nestling in the Oxfordshire countryside. As house prices soar and decent working people look for a house they can afford, many have stumbled into this cheap housing mecca of north Oxfordshire and regretted it.

Im not from Bicester and i couldnt tell you the names of individual streets, pubs etc, but on the couple of occasions i have visited iv left with that depressing feeling you get when you realise just how ****** humans can be, and thats from visiting in the daytime!! My most recent visit was yesterday, so the horror is still clear in my mind.

The town centre is always full of little rat girls, with young Aieesha displayed proudly in a cheap version of the Beckhams pram, whilst those with 2 parents dont fare much better as mum and dad are pig thick **** ****, they no doubt work at the nearby BMW factory who’s employees are 95% **** and %5 german!! This enables them to get a cheap deal on a BMW and suddenly they think they are on footballer wives, Cheap bling for dad and a little shoulder tattoo from 45 year old mum.

How grim is your Postcode?

The town statrts with the Bicester outlet village. a **** mecca as cheap designer clothes are like a red rag to a bull for *****, whilst they may be designer they are ******* horrfic. But being a **** means you generally make clothes look awful, so a designer label is the only way you could possibly impress someone. well, thanks for the effort ******, but i am not impressed!

A lot of young men can be seen ******* around the town, you may assume they are at college and you would be wrong. they are part of Bicesters burgoining **** youth who cant be arsed to work and enjoy nothing better than ******* around harrasing the decent people of the town. I read recently that both a dentist and doctor were leaving the town due to the harrasment they get off local kids, window smashing etc, and on one occasion having 10 of them lay into the doctor.

Large estates surround the town, and whilst they arent supposed to be called council estates, every other house is owned by a housing association who have an endless supply of **** and pikeyness to put in them. Stroll around one of these estates on a nice sunny day and you will hear the latest dance hits ruining everyone elses day, whilst 14 year old girls scream at their children.

I can only imagine what this place is like at night!!

Plans are now afoot to build an aylum centre just down the road, and when gangs of eastern european ***** collide with our homegrown ***** its going to be horrendous, and Whilst im sure Bicester isnt the worst of the bunch at the moment, it is quickly becoming Oxfordsire’s own little Slough!!

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