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Bexleyheath and Welling share their ***** so everyone gets some loving. Where ever you look there are thousands of gutter monkeys ******* around in their “crews” looking for 5 year olds/old ladies/blind people to mug. The ******* are everywhere and you can’t even walk to your local Blockbuster without a bunch of dirty ******* asking you for weed/a mobile/money. You’re average “crew” consists of about 40 greasy boys who have spots and eye bogies and a bunch of fat tag along ***** who have their hair back so tight that they can’t see or speak as the skin on their face is so stretched. If you’re lucky then you’ll just get some **** beast ask you to **** her best mate who is “well up for it”. Given that nobody really wants to catch AIDs from somebody who looks like they could take up bare handed moose wrestling, especially in a public place (under the half pipe/ in a bush) saying no is not hard, but being polite about it is.
I was once walking to the blockbuster in Welling and as turned to go under the railway bridge there were about 90 street **** crammed under it, totally blocking the pavement and most of the road. Turning round and walking back isn’t really a smart move as your advertising you’re scared of them and asking to be followed and then wasted by all of them, so i had to walk through them. After numerous questions involving phones and money etc i got to the other side smelling of stale nicotine and weed. However straight after this there were several huge black kids spooning a football at moving cars, i was like “****, actual gangsters” and made to walk round them and got away lightly with a few “haha look at the white boi” style comments. The only thing worse than this is meeting a **** u actually know. I was met by the whole of “Bomba Boiz”, who are basically a bunch of ******* who go to one of the schools in Welling. All that was on a 300m walk to rent a DVD.
If you’re into girls who have necks as thick as your waist then this is the place to live. Basic survival tips – dont use your phone in public unless you have a death wish. Also stay away from the park and any bridges, especially when its raining as ***** shelter under them as their council housing isnt usually water proof. Oh and the broadway on a friday night is not pleasant as people keep getting shot by the real gangsters at the Rat and Parrot, and beaten up by the gangster wannabes who hang around outside cause they’re not old enough to go into a pub.

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