Bexleyheath (Gone to the Dogs or what?)

Bexleyheath has changed in the last 20 years. When I moved into the area in 1983, it was a nice middle-class type of area. However, since the stupid Bexley Council allowed all those pubs etc to the Broadway area, it has gone downhill faster than the Labour Goverment popularity polls.  It has attracted the **** from Lewisham and elsewhere which has resulted in excessive violence and drunken behaviour on Friday and Saturday nights. Getting divorced over 6 years ago did me the best favour in life. I left Bexleyheath. My ****** ex-wife still lives in Bexleyheath. The men of the town are welcome to her.

The nice areas of the town, e.g. around the Pantiles etc were nice areas to live in. Since the Lewisham lot managed to buy houses there, it als went downhill so fast.  Thank God I moved 100 miles away to a much more pleasant area similar to what bexleyheath once was like, all those years ago. I just hope my sons see the light and  leave Dodge City!

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