Bexleyheath , ***** should live in a bin there

hi im 13 and ive faced **** problems 4 along time  , im goin to tell u bout the most chaviest part in the SE , bexleyheath broadway shopping center ,( broadway **** center more like ). In the center of the shopping center there is a fountain and a bus stop near by where flocks of ***** stand , because they are loosers , they stand there near girls talking about **** 4 as long as possible , but isn’t that obvious with many chavy school right nearby such as bexleyheath (dont get me started) , st columbas 9 (catholic school , yeh rite ) , st catherines ( cocky girls ) , townley ( **** academy), beths (my school ). After school 50% of all these schools flock to bh woth no purpose but just to stand there. Not only that but the shops in bh are feeding their *********, jd sports , macdonalds and much more. There is a skate park behind asda where me and my m8s used to go but now ***** with illegal drugs stand there mockin anyone who gfo there , so now theyve takin over the joint .There are no shops to do with rockers , just ****** just do it bags on every shop shelf . I WANNA BURN ALL OF  THOSE BAGS SO MUCH. The problem is that there is no more individuality anymore , people there are so two faced , tryin to act like something they’re not. Finally we’ve got so pissed that weve made a **** killer group , its called the ACK, anti -**** krew , or anti-anti krew lol. its a weird groupo really because we act like ***** at school takin the piss of wehat they do , like the way they talk , the way they dress , wearing caps and hoodies . but they know were takin the piss. But there are two rules to the group. 1 :you have to talk like a **** and 2: you NEED to wear a baseball cap . burn all *****. keep britain tidy

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