Bexleyheath aka a pile of s**t

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walking around the “town centre” many chavs walk pass either whislting or asking “ave ya got a spare fag babe” even thought i do have “fags” the obvious answer is no, sorry and they walk on about to pounce on there next victim. fags, booze, fat chavy 13 year old girls are what chav boys have at all times to pose the chavy look. for them it is social suicide to be seen with out a fag in there greasy hands along with the “gold” bulldog ring and other varies gold items. but yet the girls are not by any means better. with there von dutch, burberry, LV bags and i could go on and on but i wont. the GHDs have become a popular new “toy” for them. you can often hear them shouting out ” eeww look at ur greasy frizzy air, u aint got GHDs innit” well ur first reaction is to kick the living s**t out of them but then u see there “crew” of about 50 boys and girls and u back of even though there about half ur size. the older chavs often drive around in white voxal corsas blaring there r&b or hip hop music out there cars, this implies look at me, i have a radio and cd player. sadly, the chavs have taken over the great boho look that has been every where in “zero zero” and “honey-bee”. the s**t hole that is my home town is full of shitty shops, half price jelwerrys and not forgettin a brand new massive JD sports. the cinema “cineworld” is always full of chavs looking for a good night out by spoiling other peoples. the qoutes ” look at dat minga” or “nice trainers, where did u get em? oxfam? that often follows in the whole “crew” in hysterics and they walk off. down the “halfpipe” it is full of chavs tryin to get asda’s trolleys up the pipe, smoking green, asking for fags yet again i could go on and on. but if there is any grungers up the pipe, chavs will shout out ” eewww u r hairy, dirty dyke” but yes there are people up there with confussed sexualties but the chavs will spread that around like wild fire. there is no descent place in bexleyheath, the pubs are full of chavs, so are the shops. the common police sirens can often be seen and heard, either trying to break up a fight or come to the reasuce of a fight that has been broken up by sum1 who throught they could break it up. either way with chavs u really cant win so….

Kill a Chav…. Save Britain

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