Bexhill-on-sea (Sidley, they hatch and breed…)

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Sidley is distgusting it has to be said, there is only one other story on Sidley and it is included on the Hastings category, (Check those stories out by the way) But i believe that Sidley deserves a much bigger appraisal!

=Firstly and simply enough it is a **** hole. The prime example of **** entertainment is the ATM machines. Nine out of ten times the machines are out of order and will be covered in some kind of ****** slime i.e. Silly string or Paint. I just question the fact that they waste the paint on the ATM’s when they could decorate their council houses with it..?

=Secondly, the benches are particularly favoured by the ****, there are two benches outside the New Inn Pub and they are always overrun with ***** drinking Cider from the cheap offlicence or even cheaper cider/vodka from the new Lidl store! It is not unusual to have a bottle or two thrown at one’s head on passing them.

How grim is your Postcode?

=Sidley has just recently had a few new additions to it’s ****** little world. The laundrette was closed down a little while ago so all the poor little teenage mums were forced to buy washing-machines to wash their spawn’s clothes. The laundrette was replace with a lovely 99p discount store and the empty shop next door has been turned into a Fried chicken takeaway where the ***** can sit in and enjoy a luxury eat out meal.
But in total, Sidley has had FOUR new takeaways added in addition to the SIX it already had! Possibly to feed the growing **** population.

=Unfortunately, Sidley does not have a McDonalds for the common **** to eat/hang around/work in so they proceed to the park to ‘Graff some stuff up’ or genrally vandalise the local area.

=A brand new Lidl was also built here recently and it has been put in the perfect place. The ***** were so very excited, they no longer had to drive to tesco to get food and we know that meant removing their hot bass system from the boot to fit the shopping in for all the sprogs. Lidl is also very cheap and since most of the packaging is in German or some other language it could be full of tons of poisonous **** but we don’t care because it is being eaten by *****. Who knows, it may **** them off one by one.

=Sidley has been redecorated, renewed, demolished and rebuilt but it still remains a ******, council estate full of **** with no where else to go but to eachother’s houses to mate and create new ***** to replace themselves. It is separated from the rest of bexhill by the old abandoned rail way line (Known as the ‘shunters tracks’) and anyone who knows what’s good for them will not be found anywhere on ‘the wrong side of the tracks’

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