Bexhill-On-Sea aka God’s Waiting Room

Living in Bexhill-on-sea
Living in Bexhill-on-sea

This town could be a great place to live, but it is ******** and run by a bunch of over the hill, out of touch OAPs who hate change and any one under 50 being in their town. This is the sort of place where the seagulls bombard your car with fish smelling sh*t, but are loved more than most of the young residents! They actually shut off the town centre, so that one of these horrible sh*tehawks (as some of us refer to seagulls as) was rescued from a tree! How mad is that? Had it been a small child it would of been left to its devices!

The town likes to boast that its favourite son is the slightly weird Eddie Izzard and half the population claim to be related to him. The town council love charity shops and takeaways, so don’t ever think of coming here to shop unless you want some second hand undies or a sh*tty kebab!

All in all the town is OK, but its elderly residents – lots of whom seem to be ex Londoners and knew the Krays personally, ruin the place with constant whining and moaning about anything new! Stay on the train and head east to Hastings or West to Eastbourne, at least they have Wetherspoons and cheap beer.

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