Bexhill, East Sussex

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This town is so bad I moved to another **** hotspot, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

It used to be said that the Cinque Port Towns were full of old biddies and old money. This is still true but to a much lesser extent, because as there is no real employment there, the only two options are pensioner and ****.

I used to live in Sidley and my in-laws still do, to say that it is a ******** is an understatement, the highlight of the place is that they are building a Netto. They had to pull down a bus shelter coz the burberry clad ******* sat on the roof of it, outside one of the two local pubs.
The Pelham, where I used to clean the windows, now seems to be permantly frequented by police, as I witnessed last week when I group of ***** were trying to assault a ******** whilst the video
van looked on. “Just get im away from meee.” she wailed in her mockney overtones.
The rest of Bexhill is just a charity shop ridden hellhole, where the explosion of teenage mothers and becapped louts is astounding.

How grim is your Postcode?

The town is due to be merged with Hastings any time soon if the building continues the way it is and I guess the ***** site at the local tip will be the meeting place for all good ***** then.

It has been said that to be a really high level **** hotspot you really need a CSA office, the government have used them to counter the payment of Income Support to ********* with multiple sprogs. The only problem is that the real ***** never tell the ********* their names so can’t be traced. Needless to say that Hastings has one of the largest offices in the country.

Whenever I enter Bexhill, I usually mutter within 10 seconds “I hate this town” it just has that effect on me. The governemt should be ashamed making people go through this town when they cancelled the bypass that was sorely needed, no-one should be made to go through it.

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