East AngliaHerefordshire

I go to school in ”berko” and what an interesting place to go to school. Berko has several private schools and a few normal schools – the Collegiate, Egerton Rothsay, Ashlyns, Thomas Coram, Bogwater etc. Unfortunately for me, my parents chose to school me in Berko.

***** are swinging from the lamp posts in that town. A typical day in Berko means getting jumped atleast 3 times, getting shattered glass sprayed at you from underage ***** and ********* who are drinking on the street next to the Sports Centre and finally, when you thought it was all over, you get jumped again.

The George is a favourite pub of the girls in my year and of course I get to hear about all the exciting fights between one **** and another in that pub from some girls in my tech class QUOTE ” yeh, an’ Bart was li’e goin for ‘im, Oi, ya John, ya listnin? Yeh well Pete wa’ all li’e..” I cannot bear to go on.

If you want teenage pregnancy, screeching ********* and keved up cars go to Berko or a neighbouring town such as Chesham, Hemel or Tring

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