West Midlands

right i have lived in bentley for a year now and can i just say that it has got more ***** then willenhall and walsall put together the ***** local haunts are the the bus stop on popular avenue the a&s supermarket on paddington walk the abc park and not forgetting willenhall comprehensive school field.
these ***** are te type that share a can between 4-5 people all hang around in gangs with there scarfs on up to there eyes and there hoodies so all you can see is there eyes.
they always have there mobile phones out playing some music( proberly stolen mobile phones) to everyone who has been to bentley they class it as giro city and for most of the estate i agree with that name. they are all in groups with different names for different groups and you always see there ”tag on the bus stop”. some young ********* think its ok to leave there 10 month old baby alone at home while they stand on the landing of the block of flats they live in smoking drugs and drinking then taking any random person back with them. its horrible to think of what could happen to there child but they dont care as long as they have got there drugs and beer.

i currently own a house in bentley although we have put it up for sale and want to move as soon as possible i dont want my daughter growning up around here with these sort of people although as i mentioned earlier there are some nice parts of bentley but some of them are really rough.

if you have’nt yet been to bentley i wouldnt even bother xoming here anyway.

thank you for taking time to read this i just needed a moan about the place.

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