North WestNorthumberland

Ok. This actually includes Stakeford and Ashington also.
In Bedlington the ***** like to hang around the bus stop in Bedlington station, next to Walter Wilsons. There you find two park benches that the ***** love to sit on, there are infact FIVE benches but it must be something about these two because on average you can fit around four average weight people on a bench. The ***** manage to fit 8 or 9 on one bench. I guess thats just another mystery of those lovely people. Never (under any circumstances!) pass them. You will either get: A – Spit on and shouted at. B – Hassled to buy them booze/cigs. C – Asked to borrow 30p for their bus fare or D – Robbed. Maybe even all of the above.
Another hang-out is the Netto carpark at nighttime. Here you’ll find 50 ***** kicking around a pigs liver or something like that…sometimes they even use a football! :O
Bedlington High School is ******** by them, if you stand at the top of palace road at 12pm you’ll see a herd of ***** running away from the teachers.
I don’t recommend Bedlington…at all.
In Stakeford they hang outside of the Co-op. Some can be friendly…. but they always want something. Around the corner you’ll also see a sea of scooters and burberry caps. It’s all in good fun! 😉

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