North WestNorthumberland

Ok. This actually includes Stakeford and Ashington also.
In Bedlington the chavs like to hang around the bus stop in Bedlington station, next to Walter Wilsons. There you find two park benches that the chavs love to sit on, there are infact FIVE benches but it must be something about these two because on average you can fit around four average weight people on a bench. The chavs manage to fit 8 or 9 on one bench. I guess thats just another mystery of those lovely people. Never (under any circumstances!) pass them. You will either get: A – Spit on and shouted at. B – Hassled to buy them booze/cigs. C – Asked to borrow 30p for their bus fare or D – Robbed. Maybe even all of the above.
Another hang-out is the Netto carpark at nighttime. Here you’ll find 50 chavs kicking around a pigs liver or something like that…sometimes they even use a football! :O
Bedlington High School is INFESTED by them, if you stand at the top of palace road at 12pm you’ll see a herd of chavs running away from the teachers.
I don’t recommend Bedlington…at all.
In Stakeford they hang outside of the Co-op. Some can be friendly…. but they always want something. Around the corner you’ll also see a sea of scooters and burberry caps. It’s all in good fun! 😉

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