Beaumont Leys

West Midlands

Beaumont Leys, built and designed for only one reason – to house the criminal population of Leicester. I have seen a fair few council estates in my time, but Beaumont Leys takes the award for the worst, and most lawless. One could describe it as a low security prison. I lived there for two years in the early ’90’s with my family and I can assure you all that the Chav movement was alive and well as far back as 1992.

Tracksuit clad, four foot high, skinhead hair cuts, foul mouthed brats, would pelt our house with bricks, rocks, and bottles. I guess that being middle class, and home tutored is not a positive thing to be in a place like Beaumont Leys. Crime is a way of life on the Heatherbrook estate. I challenge you to find me one single decent family, that isn’t either unemployed, has a criminal record, or even legally owns the contents of their dirty council home.

The residents of this delightful estate have a novel way of disposing of their rubbish – throw it over their fence into Castle hill country park behind (to be set alight later by the smaller roaming packs of chavs in training). The country park is also littered with burnt out cars, and motorbikes. The chav population will usually be found in the Beaumont Center close by. (It has to be close, so they can push their shopping home in a stolen Tesco trolley, which is then also dumped in the country park). I could go on for hours about this god forsaken hole, but I wont. If you live in Beaumont Leys, may god have mercy on your soul.

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