Beaumont Leys, Leicester

Leicester has many **** suburbs but two in particular stand out. One of these is Beaumont Leys.

The place was one of those idealistic suburbs of the 1970s/earlly 1980s with the idea of creating a nice leafy suburb with drab council property’s (clever or what!). This turned out to be a **** idea as by the 90s it was a **** hole.

SOme of the ***** still have a delusion that they are country dwellers and buy 15 yr old 4WD and seem to think that coutry folk go about their business in strappy tops and track trousers!

How grim is your Postcode?

Nowhere however optimizes the areas chavviness more than the shopping centre which is called the Beaumont Centre. People who have visited Leicester say it is relatively **** free. This is because they are all at the afformentioned shopping centre. It is not hard to see why it is such a draw for ***** as it has all the usual ****** outlets such as Poundstretcher, Bewise, Matalan, Greggs, Brantano etc.! There is also a big travel agents which must sell a huge amount of holidays to Tenerife (with JMC of course!) Of course it goes without saying that you are guaranteed several **** sightings! They are always there queing up for Lottery tickets hoping to be the next Micheal Carroll!

It also has a huge amount of old tarts! Nowhere in the world are you more likely to see a 40 something woman in a mini skirt!

Remember in my Loughborough comment I Said the town had the 2nd ********* Macdonalds well the 1st ********* is here. Kappa tracksuits and scrapebacks there for all its opening hours!

The place is also very conveniently (for the *****)placed next to the Police station and a Social Services office.

In between these 2 buildings is a swimming pool with flumes where you are sure to see the ********* in their swimsuits. Not a pretty sight.

A great place to win the **** pic of the month though!

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