Basingstoke – Hell on Earth

Here in Basingstoke ***** are more commonly known as townies, and are a right bunch of twats.

In our school they set up there own smokers union, and almost got expelled. One guy has been suspended 16 times for kicking **** into ne one he can. They all sit around outside JD sports smoking. Then, when they try to run away from security they fall on the floor and start having a heart attack. They even thought they could get a job stacking shelves, but then the temptation of the shelves of booze was so strong that they got pissed at work and ended up having their stomachs pumped. What a bunch of retards!

The worst part about ***** is their parents. the supposidley “responsible adults” are worse than their kids. when the kids get letters sent home their parents march into school puffing on a smoke then asking for an ashtray in a no smoking building. where the hell were they when brains were handed out.

How grim is your Postcode?

All in all they have completely ****** up or town. There is no where to escape them. U can’t even go for a piss before some1 tries to gut u. they are so stupid they should all be transported to antartica.

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