Basingstoke, North Hampshire

Basingstoke is a nice place where there’s lots of new developments been built including the Festival Place shopping centre that opened in October 2002. There is also loads of Retail Parks, and a Leisure Park that includes a cinema, bowlplex, gala bingo, aquadrome, kfc, mcdonalds, and ice rink. Commerically, there is also a lot of big business names established in Basingstoke including GAME, Motorola, Sony, and IBM.

However Basingstoke is full of ***** everywhere you go. Most ***** hang about the leisure parks and in town shopping areas. The ***** of Basingstoke come in from designated areas of Basingstoke where the council houses (the parents on the dole) to. These areas

  • South Ham
  • Popley
  • Brighton Hill
  • Buckskin
  • Winklebury
  • Kempshott

***** tend to keep out of the nicer areas of Basingstoke where the
richer majority live. They are Chineham, Hatch Warren and Old Basing.

How grim is your Postcode?

For example I will name an area of Basingstoke which has ***** all over
after 6pm. This place is Burnaby Close, South Ham. There is a corner
shop and Chinese takeaway there. All houses surrounding this area are
all empty and boarded up due to vandalism. Expect to see at least 20
***** all over this area filled with litter, shouting, drugs, underage

Every night when the shop closes it gives away all its free out of date
sausage rolls/pasties/etc and kids riot the shop to get their hands on
free food that their parents cant afford.

The shop even has bouncers on the doors (now what I hear!!!)

I myself live in a new house in Chineham and compared to that is
completely different. I expect when i go to Chineham Shopping Centre to
see no ***** at all and I actually hardly ever do as there may be a
couple on occasion but they don’t actually do anything.

Anywhere that you drive around in basingstoke has smashed up bus
shelters and all the buses at the back seats are filled with graffiti
and lighter burnt seats.

Welcome to basingstoke!

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