Basildon District

Though this dump of a town has been mentioned in it’s smaller parts (Basildon, Pitsea, Wickford) it’s about time it was mentioned as a (w)hole.
This really is a **** Mecca.
It’s commonly known that much of the crime here is either committed by theiving **** **** or a few of the large population of *****’s that plague the district.

The most popular of **** past times here are:
– Shagging all the 14/15 year old ***** they hang around with
– Smoking dope in a public place
– Getting pissed on a school night
– Collecting flat peaked Burberry caps
– Driving those stupid little motorbikes on the foot paths
– Pestering innocent passers-by

Common places for the **** to hang around are:

How grim is your Postcode?

– Northlands Park (Pitsea), by the skateboard ramp
– ‘Big Q’ Shops (Basildon), a complete khazi to be avoided!
– St. Michaels Square (Basildon), for skateboarding and to give the **** ***** to shout as load as they can in a public place
– May Flower Retail Park (Basildon), Paycocke Road (Basildon) and Festival Leisure Park (Basildon), all used by the very few ***** that managed to blag their way through the driving test and now cruise their barely road legal cars at these places.

In short, give Basildon a miss. It’s a ******** as it is without these ******** living here. It’s even starting to smell of horseshit here!

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