Basildon aka Chavildon

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Basildon, the biggest s**t hole in the east! it is c**v cental… the chavest place to be seen (well romford is one a par too but hey) it is just like one big c**v converntion. With gangs of ten year old thugs running around after each other shouting abuse like “I am gona smack ur F**king face in C**t” they are not just content with running around after each other but like to hassle the non c**v population of the public (in basildon thats about 1% if that) i was just walking from trafford house to the railway station to catch a train too meet my boyfriend, when a gang of brat faced little c***s decided it would be funny to throw thier milkshakes at me…. then whist waiting for the train a load of other mini chavdecided to thorw mints at me. I just turned around and said “oi you little brats, instedof wasting you money buying mnts to throw at people, buy some decent clothes” I feel sorry for every non c**v that live in that s**t hole…. there sould be a mass evacuation of all non c***s from basildon… and we should chuck all the other c***s in, build at 20 foot wall around it and rename it the chavildon getto…. i am sure all the little s**m bag would love that, they would really get to live in a getto then. thier life time dreams would have been acomplished. Then hopefull they will just kill eacher other off through street fights or just all shag each other and get aids or something.

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