Barton Upon Humber

East MidlandsLincolnshire

The chav’s and sheep like chavettes, hang around the main bus and train station in the centre of this heap of urine stain on the south bank of the ‘umber’ to the backwards locals. I lived in this sack of shite for 7 months and every night it was – trip de hop or whatever rhino ass they listen too, blaring out from their skips with bodykits. The local supermarket- proudfoots is also a favorite of these sad pathetic amoebas. I longed for a sniper rifle to take out every one of the fukers, when they would pass my window drinking , fighting , swearing, urinating , bricking windows and generaly causing a blight on this miserable earth.

To my credit one time I helped one of them out, it was a chavette in distress, goes to show what a nice person I am.

Still beware of this rat riveria, if your not local ie someone who has lived there your whole life- you will be cussed, stared at, sneered at and all in all made to feel a complete and utter arse… suicide rates for moshers trapped in this modern day alcatraz must be high… the police dont give a two fingered toss, they no doubt are chav’s themselves,………

f**k off Barton upon Chav and all your f*****g gobshite, illiterate, and inbred locals! over and out, norweigen death metal rules………….big kiss

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