Barrow In Furness aka ********

CumbriaNorth West

Barrow In Furness aka “The ********”,what a dump and possibly the most **** populated town I have ever seen.Take a walk through the main street “Dalton Road” and see how many “LONSDALE” clad teenage ***** you can see in the 2 minutes it takes to walk through the shopping area.The sale of Staffordshire bull terriers has rocketed as its essential to have LONSDALE Traccy,Fake massive gold chain and a staffy on a lead by your side.

Barrow has one of the highest murder rates in the country and its easy to see why.Take a stroll through one of the doss area estates and watch the heads turn and curtains twitch.

The average day consists of getting up at 11 am,have a litre of White Lightening then take the dog up town to see if the mecca sports shop “SPORTSWORLD” has any new Lonsdale gear for under a fiver. After sitting in McDonalds for 3 hours it’s time to go home cos the teenage girlfriend will be due home from school and then she’s got to go for her pregnancy scan to see if its twins or not.

At night time boy racers zoom up and down the street with the fake Burberry caps and Camel **** ******* out their gobs,the town is filthy and its a regular occurrence to see several dogs ******** on the pavement where nobody bothers to bat an eye lid.The local paper even have a column called “**** watch” which describes when and where ***** were spotted.

If you want to see what happens when your cousin shags your sister then head to Barrow,a real ******** full of JJB,ARGOS,SPORTSWORLD AND MACCIES shops that are full of spotty,piss stained ***** with their dogs.
If there was ever a war then head to Barrow cos nobody and I mean nobody will bother bombing this ********.

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