Barnsley South Yorkshire

North EastYorkshire
BARNSLEY once the home of coal (that black stuff that burned), this town is full of, mostly hard working decent people then there are places like Athersley, (and to make it worse there is a North and South) New Lodge, Kendry, Royston Wombwell and Chav city of all the areas of Barnsley is Lundwood. People who inhabit these places are usually social outcasts possessing more asbos than the average stamp collector has stamps they spend the hard earned giros and benefits in the bookies and on warm pints of Johns Smiths they live houses with overgrown gardens with the odd wild dog roaming no windows just boards where the odd plate or two has been thrown un th domestic fights.

You will see all the little Chavs racing the streets in there Nova SRI`s Saxos and Citroen C2`s in those nice Burbery hats purchased from the Market. And now there has been an infestation of Bosnians and they are slowing taking the hat of all hats in the Chav leagues. The best place to spot chavs in the town by day is outside Mc Donalds and by night many a Chav can be spotted in Livingstones Pub, here we have Chav men and even more Chav females. The females are usually the ones with 5 O`clock shadows mini skirts usually denim and fat guts hanging out of there short T shirts, tattoos spelt wrong boys names tattooed and crossed out and saggy arses hanging out with G strings on show mmm G strings, on some of the girls I have seen smaller tow ropes there arses are that big. Come to Barnsley and spot the CHAVS even have a drink in Livingstones but leave soon after as some of these Chav girls will trap u and av a baby to u and will leave u with clap…             

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