Barkingside, Essex

Where do I start? Let’s try McDonalds…Anyone who has visited or lived in Barkingside will no doubt have seen the chaviest looking ‘people’ who loiter outside the poshest eatery in the town. I don’t quite know why they choose McDonalds, maybe in the hope of finding some scraps of turdburger in the litter that accumulates on the pavement. They only blessing is that they’re never usually there past 8pm, cos mummy shouts down from the flat above the shop that their bedtime is near.

The recreation ground (B’side ‘Wreck’), is annuva fave hangout for these low-life – especially the shelter huts, where the graffiti is rife and the smell of weed is common.

I could go on for hours about the other haunts, but it has just occured to me, that anywhere I think of in the ********* that is Barkingside will contain a **** of somekind – be it the Oak, the Chequers, Dixies Warehouse or Spirit Menswear.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you have the misfortune to come by Baringside, my suggestion is to drive straight through (keeping your doors locked) and head for Chigwell, Woodford Green or just anywhere that isn’t Barkingside (or Romford for that matter).

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