Northern Ireland

I live in the town of ballymena in Northern Ireland, I’m Not really familiar with the ***** as i don’t think there is many up here, But alot of the guys go around with the attitude of a ****, looking to start fights around Ballymena. Our Towns a confusing Town, There are a whole lot of different groups who just fight each other over religion or what paramilitary group they support and such. On the protestant side theres too Groups, Uda and Uvf, Both Divided between too nearby community’s Ballee and BallyKeel, Avoid Ballykeel at all cost as out of both the two estates Ballee is the more Welcoming one with its own pub and such. Ballykeel Is filled with Youth that have the attitude of a **** but dont dress like them, these guys go around the streets drinkin and smoking dope and Starting fights, Whereas Most of ballee youth only do the first too but you’ll get the odd dikhed, Noting Both these estates Hate the muslims and Coloured people but love black rappers (its Weird, But so is the paramilitary’s) Then Theres the town centre, a safehaven for the elderly aand suce during the day when the police are heavy on patrols, This is a safety spot for newcomers, Not the safest place but safer than going into unfamiliar estates. Moving onto the north of the town Where the Doury Road and Dunclug is Placed, These are both Catholic so No running around singing loyalist songs or wearing any form of Rangers Clothing, This is wear the hoods all are and where most of the bads things happen, Its pretty much a badass ghetto avoid the Heart of Dunclug area where Attacks from large groups or Junkies will Occur, Overalll Stay away from Ballee, ballykeel,Wakehurst and HArryville if you like wearing celtic stuff and are a devout catholic, Cause the youth arent that Friendly towards hat type, and vice Versa for Dunclug, I hang about Between Ballee and Ballykeel But only with the more easy going ones, Were the stoners that just like to party, Screw all the Hatred, But i think it will be around in our town for a While to come. Also i forgot to mention most of the youth are determined by there clothes, Dark Hoodys and jeans or tracky’s are usually worn by the stoners, the trendy type that dress like wealthy ***** r usually the E- Heads, the ones that wear hoodys with burberry caps and such seem to be a mixture, They mainly take every Drug you could think of part from Skeg and the other Expensive drugs!!!!!!!!

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