Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Hertfordshire

Where do i start with baldock. Its a town with a lot of history due to it being a roman settlement many years ago. There is a market that not many people go to every Thursday but its good the the tradition keeps going. As for the town high street itself its mainly pubs. A few shops or cafes here and there but mainly pubs. Some are very nice for a drink and some are terrible! The boot for example, head in there on a friday night and you will see a bunch of youth playing pool shouting and screaming getting slaughtered. Walk into the bar area and all the baldock regulars gurning their face off, allegedly heading into the toilet ever ten minutes for another line.

Tesco’s is one of the main shops that brings people to baldock but as soon as you get there with out fail there will be a group of teenagers hanging around outside with a portable speaker playing gangser wannabe rap to the loudest it goes. The huts at a park called big park is filled with the chavs that think there something else. Smoking weed is a daily thing for most baldock teenagers with a quarter of the percentage think they make money selling two bags a week.

At night time baldock is fairly quiet, with the odd VW Polo screaming it down the high street at 80MPH with 5 people in the car. The Knights Templar School is decent. Many pupils are calm and educated but you get them ones, no explanation needed. The best part of baldock by far to live in is Clothal Common. Its a nice housing estate with a shop, a few teenagers lingering about but not to much worry about. The worst part is either by St Mary’s School, all the houses round there are awful! or the ‘Concrete jungle’. All around the Londis along London Road is dodgy.

All in all Baldock is better than the surrounding areas but still not the best 7/10.

  • andro

    I grew up in Baldock, and always believed that the leading cause of death there must be boredom. Apart from the Romans and the Black Death, not a lot has happened there over the centuries. I was passing through a few years ago and tried to find somewhere for lunch on a weekday, but the whole town was asleep and we could only find one pub open. We got a decent pint and a good lunch at the White Lion, but that’s probably the last I’ll see of the place.

  • Proud to be a baldockian

    I don’t usually write responses to this sort of stuff but seriously what are you on about!! You are talking complete BS.

    You need to get your facts right! FYI the market is on a Wednesday.

    How can you tarnish all teens with the same brush, it’s people like you that let the rest of us down! I know plenty of teens who don’t smoke weed. Although reading your “review” of Baldock I wonder if that’s what you have been smoking!

    I have lived in Baldock for over 30 years in the st Mary’s estate and I would like to know what you mean by using the word “awful” to describe this area! The only awful thing about it is people coming in to Baldock and putting it to shame like yourself.

    Also I basically go tesco on a daily basis and have never ever seen crowds of teens playing “gangster rap”.

    You seriously need a life and if you don’t like our town leave. Simple!

  • Peter Lea

    Another sad individual that has nothing better to do than slate a town where they do not live. I moved to Baldock in 1998 and the first pub i went into was The Boot, i was made to feel welcome and to this day still play pool for The Boot in the local league. Not bad for a 47 year dad of 2. The Boot is not a drug pub, but a traditional pub with pool table and dart board. Tom the landlord has been there for many years and has always ran a good pub, barring any idiots, and one thing he does not like is drugs in his pub. Baldock is a great town and full of good people who care about the town, maybe you should come back during the Baldock festival where you will see a thriving town and it’s people having a good time and also being friendly hosts

  • DirtyWookie

    Well you’ve made yourself look a total idiot.
    If you’re going to slate a town, at least do it properly.
    Poor spelling, bad grammar and poorly structured.
    Seems to me you’re either one of the lads outside tescos, or just a poor sod refused entry to one of the many pubs in Baldock, with a large chip on their ( see which their I used) shoulder.

  • Melissa

    Why comment? This person is illiterate ! Good day to thee x