Baglan is where the tuppeny millionaires of Port Talbot live. It is, as the inhabitants delude themselves, a sprawling metropolis on the edge of a hill with palm fringed streets and views over the ocean – in fact it is a dive with ***** ******* around the shops by Fairwood drive like the flies around a cesspit. In the summer the park is full of skiprats from upper Baglan who inhabit the council houses – these people are looked upon as mutants by the old “Baglanites” who lord it around their manor in their 4 year old BMW 318s thinking they are the DB’s. The Spar car park is another hotbed of Chavism and is the closest I have ever encountered to “deliverance” (with acne).

It is not until these ***** move from baglan that they realise that they too are very working class and that the houses they inhabit are not the castles that they were thought to inhabit.

The place was previously noted for the spectacular views over BP Chemicals which I am sure has contribiuted to the deluded nature and mentality of this most odd population. The only decent pub is a Travelodge

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