Living in Aveley, Essex
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Essex, United Kingdom

For most of the week Aveley isnt a bad place to be.  The Hall crescent area where I live, is a chavtastic place but they rarely set foot outside in the daytime so they are very rarely a problem.

Until Friday!

Friday night in Aveley is where the IQ fairy visits all the chavs and reduces their already dwindling intellect and makes it drop another twenty points.  The top house and rose and crown pubs are the meeting place for chav morons of all ages where they stand and hurl abuse at anything that dares to pass, even cars and buses!  Then theres the garage on the corner.  You cannot fill up with petrol after dark on any night of the week in Aveley.  The chavscum wont ask you to buy beer and fags for them (The people working in the garage would serve a two year old!) these creeps will hurl abuse at you no matter who you are.

The best thing about Aveley chavs (Like all Essex chavs) is that they are not at all worried about showing any kind of class at all.  They dress like clowns, swear and spit like navvys, mate and breed at fourteen and all wear four hundred weight of cheap crap gold but claim every benefit available.

Soon as I can, I’m out of this s******e!

  • Disillusioned

    It’s still a s******£. Moved here 3 years ago. Worst decision of my life. Hate the place and the people – most of them. Kids are horrible little thugs that smash the place up at any opportunity making this hell hole even worse by encouraging the decent people to leave and let the place go to the diagnosis. God only knows about the parents. We get home, shut the door and try to forget about the place . The litter is appalling.

  • Debbie Redmond

    I have lived here 30 years and I have slowly seen it go down. I used to love living here now I hope to move away asap.

  • mick wittman

    soppy twats, wanna see a sh*thole of 5 move up to tower hamlets or newham, aveleys a cool place to live, been here 20 years with no problems, where do these bell ends come from ffs ..

  • unfortunate

    I unfortunately got involved with a woman from aveley, obviously a single mum, and she was one of the worst mistakes i ever made. Her immediate family were plotted all over aveley and were chavvy scum but thought they were better then everyone else. Lakeside loving, tubby, tarty chavs the lot of em.

  • David

    I managed to leave this Chavtown when it was still quite nice. In a recent trip back I was shocked to how bad the place had become. All those people with no future or vision just milling around to get their next dole check. It seems that the Aveley Aliens have landed and claimed this place as their own.

    • kevin Harris

      Hi All, Not all of us are work shy or waiting for the next dole check. I’m here as my daughter has a rare illness and requires special housing needs that THURROCK COUNCIL is providing. My wife is a full time carer and as such can not work. We claim NO benefits other than what disability help is allowed. No housing benefits, No job seekers etc. I work Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm. I’m proud to say I pay my Taxes! Don’t tar us all with the same chav brush. Thanks