Original Submission by Aaron I think crawley in sussex is the chaviest town in the uk because whenever you go there all you can see is white trainers burberry caps, ugly ***** munters. It seems you cant turn around without seeing a ***** with nothing better to do but sit around, smoking, drinking, laughing with […]

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Original Submission by Lisa I would like to nominate Telford, Shropshire as one of the chaviest places in the UK. Of course you have the obvious places like Lancaster and Liverpool but Telford is different! Telford is full of extremely ‘special’ people who hang around the main shopping area know as the ‘town centre’. They […]

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Let’s face it, it should win on the name alone! The local ****’s have a unique style. Multiple hoodies are worn by all, even in the summer. Hats are usually white, although blue burberry is prevalent too. They like to wear tracksuit bottoms which are too tight, the bottoms of which they tuck into socks […]

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Original Submission by Snookems I would like to nominate Ashford in kent as **** central.I have lived their in the past and think possibly 90% of people their follow the **** culture.Best spotting points are the ring road around the town,(featured on ITV news when young ***** said they wouldn’t stop racing round it and […]

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