ashton in makerfild

North West

oh my god the worst bit of ashton in that the cahvs call it ash vegas like its some kind of glitz and glam instead its more like an inbread town full young *****.

it started off all right (well when compered to other more chavish town like wigan or st helens) then they opened a kfc and many other fast food places and now its full of ***** that have come in from areas such as ince and platt bridge!! only 80p on the buzzy!

older ***** hang about in the cross keys which is full of either
1) grown men on the pull for a young ****
2)***** male and females who cant function in normal society and who shave their head for fun in the pubs – one set of dubbers between 50 scrubbers i can tell you
3) barred ***** who cant get in anywhere cos they are either 12 of theyd fight there own shadow given half the chance
4) the normal folk who stumble in there and come out with cig burns cos they are wearing clothes that arent lycra or pvc and arent fom the market lipsy or primark!!

really young ***** hang about near the job center if only their **** parents thought about getting one!!
then there is the market and the gerrard center carpark please dont go there cos you may come out a ****, being chased by a **** or in an ambulance you see one **** cant fight they fight in packs like animals i suppose its not really their fault they are tought it but chavish parents who like being on the dole!!

finally there is queens, crazy fast foods and the med what can i say these have to be seen to believed – **** central – words cannot describe how cahvvy they are.

well im off to get ready im off to the cross keys, queens then the med then walking home while dropping my litter on the floor – if you cant **** them join them i say!!!

ps that was a joke unfortunalely i do live in this **** pit but i am moving out asap!!!

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