Ashton In Makerfield

Greater ManchesterNorth West

I cant believe it why do i do these things?!?! I went out last night to ashton then into wigan – some scrubber tried to steal my lipstick while in the loo’s in liquid, wigan. i’m a PR for virgin and this little chav scrubber tried to take it out my bag and apply it to her scabby, chavvy coldsore infested lips i wanted to vomit!!!
this dirty litle chav scum at the bar spat on the floor i truely was disgusted and in giving a look of disgust the chavvet came over to me and siad “you looking at me or chewing a brick? either way you’ll get your jaw smashed” Im not a violent person usually but i couldnt resist smacking the chav right it her tango orange face, the bouncers kicked her out but not before her 10 other chav mates came hording over like a hurd of wilderbeast. they were all 12, wearing lycra outfits that are a size too small for them and they all had this horrid yellow straw hair and tango orange faces. How dare some dirty scum bag speak to me like that? she said ill be waiting outside for me – yeah nice one it’ll be way past her bed time when the grown ups leave the club!!!!

then waiting to get a taxi another norley hall chav came to me asking for a “ciggy”
a) i dont smoke
b) if i did id rather stub it out on my arm than give it to chav scum!!

there is a law in this country that states if vermin get out of control they can be culled – i call on mr blair – for his election campaign CULL THE CHAVS they are vermin and they are getting out of control, they make me stick and they should all die. dig a big pit and cull them all. im not into ethnic cleansing but burn the chavs and on top of the chav fire should be coleen and wayne rooney they ooze chavness and encourage young chavs to do the same.

really we cant blame the young chavs we are all only normal because our parents did a good jobs little chavs have only chavs to espire too. in essence they are blameless its the chavs that are older that are to blame. f**k that, cull them all!!!!

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