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Welcome to what was once beautiful Ashford as has been written before come meet the locals at their regular haunts which include outside Mcdonalds(why not pop in and have a meal while your there)or if your a sports lover come to the Stour centre where they have many sports for you to enjoy ie: Badminton,squash or five-a-side football,if your a fan of boxing why not head to the car park underneath the Stour Centre where there are regular fights(car park entry free after 6pm).
If you enjoy a good night out why not head to the town centre where you could have a chat (albeit limited unless you have a foreign language phrase book to hand) at the memorial gardens,if comedy is more your thing you could head to one of the local nightclubs to see the local youngsters in their burberry uniforms being turned away or if your lucky ejected.

If like me you prefer to catch up on the latest from Spielberg or Tarantino take a trip to the Cineworld Multiscreen cinema where the ***** are asked to leave quite frequently by the staff(or you could wait until security are called to quite literaly throw them out) or if you want to laugh at the latest **** trends or see how parents let their 9 year old kids dress these day’s head next door from the cinema on a friday night where the M20 nightclub have regular under 18’s nights or as me and my friends like to call them Napppy Nights.

So now you’ve heard a little about my not so wonderful town why not come and see for yourselve’s and Try not to enjoy yourself.

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