Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West London

Ashford in Middlesex is a town just west of London and is under the flightpath of Heathrow airport. It really is chavtastic. We have a Greggs which seems to be the chavs meeting point along with the cheap supermarket in the high street. I dont know its name because I only shop in Marks & Spencers!! They like to hang around rapping tunes as they eat their steak pies (2 for a £1). If they want to take the bus then theay can shop in Farm Food at Sunbury Cross where there is always a nice smell of stale fags (cheap ones). Tins of beans 3 for a £1

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  • Ryan Hickey

    As I only shop at Marks and Spencer’s!! Marks and Spencer’s is in the same centre as Farmfoods, why don’t you go and buy a palace in Kensington as you clearly don’t know the pricing of Farmfoods baked beans.

  • Margaret Black

    My husband and I spent 14 happy years in Ashford and will always regard it as home.

  • Chav chavity

    Fellow ashfordion and stanwellian kindly f**k of you c##t thank you

  • ILoveAshford

    This is hilarious! I’ve just moved to Ashford and it is nothing like this at all! Ashford is a pleasant quiet little town, with a great little high street (independent butchers and bakery!) with some great local restaurants too! Nice and quiet with a great community spirit. Whoever wrote this should go and see a professional as they were clearly hallucinating!

  • Hornets Onions

    When my grandparents escaped from inner London after the War, Ashford was a pleasant village. When I grew up it was a quiet suburb. I went back recently, and was surprised to discover that it has subsequently evolved into a turd.

  • ChavAndProud

    I used to live in Ashford, and it has gone WAAAAAYYYYYY downhill since i moved away, by the way the cheap supermarket is called Kwik Save!