Ashford, Kent

KentSouth East

Ashford or Trashford? Oh how I dread walking up East hill to be met with the podgey fat faced, tracksuit wearing ******* who stare at you as if you just raped their mother. Calls of “what the **** you look at?” and “you starting?” ring out like a church bell every Saturday afternoon.

Ashford could be so good, with great housing and lots of shops, but all the ***** **** it up by standing outside the shops, intimidating anyone if they wish to enter. Most of these ***** migrate from the North school AKA Mr. ******’s F**kabout School.

All these bellends should be moved to one of the refugee camps in Kent. That’s anothe rthing. As the ***** are moving out, the streets of Ashford are being polluted with asylum seekers. Oh how I long for the day where there will eb a war beteen the two in McDonalds. 3 birds with one stone, eh?

I’m hoping that the town will at least lose it’s moniker of “********* Town In Kent” before any of my offspring enter this world but hey, hell would probably freeze over first. Signing off…

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