Ashby (Scunthorpe)

the home to ‘Home Bargains’ (Scunthorpes got two) A Pound Shop, a Cheepo booze shop, where the ***** love to get their cheep booze from, Jubilee park (what a nice place to take your kids) where they smoke green stuff and ‘batter’ every ‘********’ that walks in because its ‘their turf’ , On the walls surrounding that nice park are the words


Ashby is the second largest council estate in Scunthorpe, its home to ***** wearing Shoes that say not Nike, but Pike. Ashby has its own Bicycle shop, but all the Bikes there are Halford’s rejects that fall apart within two minutes of leaving the shop.

The largest **** gathering in Ashby is surely Ashby Market, where ***** come to buy cheep BB guns and shoot each other and the elderly

Some of the younger ***** go for the lighters, either to steal or try to make out they are 23 when actually ther 8, but the lighter man gives them the lighters anyway, as he needs as much money as possible to feed his ***** family and he remembers when he was a young **** and needed a light, he couldnt nick it off passers by all the time. Then theres the DVD and Playstation one stall, thats right, I said Playstation one games, not PS2, ***** cannot ever dream of buying a PS2, stealing one maybe.

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