South EastSurrey

ASH SUCKS! P****s everywhere, c***s everywhere, it drives you insane! I personally would like to go down Longacre and that caravan park down Oaktrees and smash all those council houses and caravns to bits, with the c***s and g***s in them. They scare the old folks at Japonica Court, they burnt down Alldays (now replaced with Co-Op), they bully innocent people at our local schools, one of them decided to have a piss on the live rail at the train station which killed him, they completely ignore the pivoting CCTV camera outside One Stop and constantly get filmed smashing the phone booth up, its a load of bollocks! Luckily it’s not just Ash, its Ash Vale too! I witnessed this group of p****s down outside Budgens and Vale Furnitures, throwing signs about that belong to Threshers, and throwing mud and flowers from a stand in the indian restaurant! I even know some of their names that I would love to name right now.

Lets call them JJ, JJ, PC, SG and LB. They are a famous group of c***s in Ash. Everyone knows them and nobody likes them. Everyone in school thinks they are stupid. They all left school at 14 with not a single SAT or GCSE. Very chavvy indeed. If you are reading this, GET THE F**K OUT OF ASH.

We seriously need some anti-c**v police here. They should send all the youths they find on the street home and give them all ASBOs. Nuff sed.

It’s shameful to live in Ash.

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