Arnold, Nottingham

East MidlandsNottinghamshire

Ahhh….Arnold. What can I say? Not too long ago before this new *********** of sorry individuals came about, Arnold was a respectable place. Not anymore.
Arnold is now somewhere where you’re likely to be mugged or, at best, Harrased by gangs of *****, asking if you can ‘set them a ***’ if you were silly enough to venture out after dark.
***** have made the once peacefull Arnold Park their choice of hang-out as well as the steps near Arnold Library and Swimming baths.
I once saw a couple of sorry ***** tie some Christmas lights which were dangling off a tree to a camper van parked close-by, what a fantastic idea! (?). What a ******* looser!!
It seems the problem has become so great that there is now a mobile CCTV unit often parked up in Arnold centre near the Market where these lowlifes get their cheap apparel and ‘bling’.
They are closing in on every town in the UK. I can only hope that this nation-destructing fad will soon pass, and Britain will regain respect in years to come.

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