Armley (in Leeds area)

North EastYorkshire

Armley is one big *********. A total deterioration in society. The populus ilcludes, drug takers, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, thieves. Most of the occupants are a combination of the above – all have one common religion – worship of ****. You will not see a female who has not got her hair tied back, impanted underneath a burberry cap, displaying her large gold ear rings. The males walk about with those jeans that have thier crotch around the knees, a single ear ring and a “rollie” ******* from their spot-ridden mouths. The housing is run down. The mecca at the top of Armley is the prison. It acts as a beacon, sohwing the little-uns where thjey can end up, if they start early enough.
There is nothing good about Armley. Very occasionally the police drive by, but i suspect they choose to just let the **** culture **** each other off, without interference.
I met a girl called Dana in Leeds (Kirkstall) and got chatting to her quite by chance. She did not know me from Adam. After a few minutes she explained she had just finished work and was going back to her one-parent prefab. Maybe she was looking for a father figure to her 18 month old son. I was almost tempted, especially when she said she used to be a lap dancer. Then she told me she lived in Armley. … As they say “I made my excuses and left”.

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