You’re in for a treat when you cross the border! Once you’ve got your cheap tatty wedding in Gretna Green out the way, then head on 10 miles up the road to the town of Annan & meet what every English person fears McChav….On every street corner there’s a McChav wearing the real cheap clobber (the 100% nylon rippoff stuff) bought from scumie warehouse outlet shops, theres one on Annon High street! The many Bakery shops are a good places to avoid as McChav lives on a diet of deep fried pizza, chips, scottish pudding & pies. As a result their greasy little fingers can barely hold their dog-end ****. Having a proper Burberry cap would make you McChav King of Annon, sadly they are all too skint. Annon really is a **** place & not surprisingly a lot of Essex & Kent **** that moved up here for the better (cheaper) life can be found in track suits pretending to have scottish roots, as it makes them feel better about claiming their jobseekers & family credit allowance. It’s great to see **** **** in its embryonic stage as Annon has no fashion sense yet, the McChavettes have only medium size hoop earrings & their hair is a semi-bleached blond in some ridiculous style! The intelligence on the whole for Annon is on par with a Haggis. The river Annon at the bottom of the Hi street is a good place to avoid with broken bottles of booze, dead bodies washing up, drunks & drugged up *****! Salmon fishing here is ancient history, now you go fishing in the Coop canned fish section & shoplift it instead.
Now let’s talk about the older ***** & where they drink:
The Blue Bell, Annan stinking dump with vomit stained pool table.
The Brig Inn, Brydekirk Annon McChav madness, stay on the top shelf as they serve the English the “special” beer!!!
If you really want to sample the delights of multicultural Annon pub life then try the Shed, all the cheap skates & alcoholic ***** come in here. Its cheap its ***** and you can keep it.
The Shed car park is where you find the 5 boyracer cars in town. Real pathetic halford jobs.

Annon stinks of rancid fat & is full of cheap thick English & Scottish *****

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