I’m a pupil at andover’s local secondary school, Winton. Here I am witness to the most horrifying and stupid ***** ever to walk the earth.

normally, we wear school uniform, but once in a while they have “civvy” days, where we are allowed to wear what ever the hell we want. Personnaly, I wear what I feel like, I live and die in my 10 up dr martins and wear them with pride. so on non school uniform days I am greeted by **** scumm, wearing their ugg boots ranging from pink to beige, or the horrible fluffy yeti boots that look like road ****, and make even the thinest leg look like a tree trunk.

and thats the problem. All the ***** in my school are over weight bimbos, wearing too short skirts, to show off their cellulite covered thighs; beer belly showing tops, so I get to see their fat jiggle as they walk; too low tops so I get to see what colour bra their wearing, and more cleavage that a builders butt crack. badly straightened hair, caked on make up, *** in hand, jewelled g-string over the top of the skirt, mp3 player in ears, massive gold jewellery, and of course, the giant gold earings.

How grim is your Postcode?

And they call me a freak! last non schol uniform day, I dyed my hair green, and went in goth. I got confronted by a YEAR 7 (thats age 11) girl **** and we had a debate on who looked like ****. Half way through I got mixed up with her best friend (seriously, they wore EXACTLY the same thing) but I won! SCORE!

I have now started my own anti **** organisasion, I call it the ACA, or anti **** army. I made all of my friends badges, and we are now fighting to rid our school of the fake, tacky, morons known as *****.

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you

It is truly terrifying that so many towns already exist on this site. But my friends until you see Andover, your real nadir hasn’t been witnessed. Fat stomachs pouring from hipsters and crop tops (with numerous metal adornments), Velour- VELOUR! at every corner, always stained. Hoop earings that your dog could jump through. Mothers who light spliffs for their amoeba like 12 year olds in the Chantry Centre. The list is endless, it’s a no go area. A town that houses kerbab shops that cannot feed the **** masses with doner spits as large as brontosaurus legs. That town is Andover!

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you