Andover… again

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O.k. I’m the girl who posted the previous rant about winton school in andover. I have no idea how long ago i posted it, but now most of the population in Winton has got a hold of this site. And they guessed it was me who wrote the review. Oh Cack.

SO…… here is my offical apology to all the kick a*s c**v chics and dudes I am privelaged to have met.

you know, the ones who like me becasue I’m weird, or the ones I haven’t even talked to….

you see, I believe that until you get to know someone, or at least talk to them, why judge them?

so I’m sorry I grouped some people who didn’t deserve to be insulted. I mean I know how much I hate being put into a group. Also, I’d like to mention that I wrote that review when I was going through my C***s are s**m phase. which I am now over. So now I dont give a cack about what other people look like, so be what ever you want to be. Be a c**v! be a townnie! flaunt your burberry! Be whatever you are. And dont listen to some damn Ginger freak who paints suicide pictures.

Also, for those of you who think I was talking about you in the review, It was a generalisation. I wasn’t talking about anyone special, I was just randomly saying what c***s are supposed to look like. So dont flatter yourself. (damn. I probably just offended you even more now… oh wells ^^)

So I’ve just spent most of this afternoon, sitting in science, listening to people screaming at me about a review I posted on this website. Most of them thought I was talking about them, so they’ve taken it personnaly. You do know that the purpose of this site is to have a little fun, and to let some of the goth kids vent there anger on the people who beat them up right? so the whole reason people hate c***s so much, is really the fact that they just hate one of them, but are too chicken to say anything for fear of having the crap beaten out of them. And if anyone thinks I’m talking personnaly about them, I’m not. And anyway, if you reconise yourself from the same description as a thug, you might not be a very nice person.

Please dont kill me, because then, who will you have to take the piss of?

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