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I’m 14 and as our country is over ridden with chavs and pikeys normal teenagers get a bad name.
 I have had a run in with a group of chavs in the beautiful town that is Walsall.
 Me and my friends (about 8 of us) went out for an innocent shopping trip. None of us are chavs, just normal 14 year old girls by the way. Half of our group went to get some money out from the bank and me and my friend Lorna stood outside Sports World whilst our other friends chatted to my friend’s dad.
 I was talking to Lorna when a group of girls dressed in hoodies, trackies, timberlands and *bling* approached us.
 We don’t live in Walsall so we hardly know anyone. One of the girls came over to Lorna and started saying “what have you been saying to my cousin.”  repeatedly whilst shaking her head from side to side in a ‘I’m well ard i am’ way. Lorna looked confused and said “who’s your cousin?” but the girl was too stupid to realise this was a question and just repeated her self again. Me and Lorna walked off to join the rest of our group but they followed us.
 One of the chavs started having a go at my friend Louise now. She called her a bitch and told her to f**k off. Louise doesn’t look much older than 12 and she looked so scared so they saw her as an easy target. 
 The chavs seemed to think they knew one of my friends saying “o yeah i know your dad, he’s well safe.” Unfortunately my friends dad had left so we had no one to stand up for us.
 We walked on ignoring their imaturity and laughing it off but this is when things started to get nasty. 
 They spat at me and my friend Sarah and poured coke over my head. My hair was sticky and i had spit all in the hood of my coat. We were all quite scared now as we have never experienced being attacked by chavs before.
 We walked on faster trying to walk up to a chav free shop like W H Smith’s. Before i knew it i was pushed out the way by the fat chav from the group when the leader of the group jumped on top of louise and punched her head about 4 times.

 We were more shocked that no one did anything even though it was a busy Saturday afternoon.

 So here’s a warning: Don’t go to Walsall! lol

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  • BettyBoop

    By chance would this Lorna be Lorna N***y? If so, doesn’t she has like 8 kids now at the age of 22, on benefits and lives in a council house? I’m really curious if it’s the same one..

  • John

    If you need help just scream at the top of your voice so people will notice. Further, if someone pushes you like that it’s assault.. and you have every right to lay into them in self-defense. You should also get someone to film them and say it’s going on a certain well-known video site which is also viewed by the police. If they follow you, go into a store and ask to speak to the manager. Refuse to leave until both security and the police are called, and overtly point to the group following you. Someone did this to me once, so I let them follow me into a store where I knew there’s be witnesses and camera’s and then I let them throw the first punch. Let’s just say the person’s testicles were a bit swollen by the time I’d finished defending myself. You just remember, you are better than these people, you owe them NO explanation and your personal safety is paramount. If they are prepared to use physical violence then well, I say they deserve what they get as long as its appropriate and measured. You know what the best thing is about this? You will go places – they’re stuck here, and it will eat at them like a cancer for the rest of their miserable life. There’s karma for you.

    Because the police and the politicians need to be made aware of what type of human excrement they have prowling British streets looking for trouble. You don’t just see this in Walsall.. it’s everywhere.

    You take care my friend. You are respected and liked.

  • Vixter

    I live in Walsall, i always have unfortunately. I understand about the annoying chavs and chavettes, teenage mothers who most likely got pregnant my some lazy tennant super supping, crack smoking twat who is too lazy to get off his butt and get a job to contribute to society but will happily suck all the money out of the hard earned tax that i have to contribute every month. Chavs have no sense of style, wouldnt know what correct grammar was if it came up and punched them in the face (i wish) and they just do not know how to behave. But i really do think it is down to how these kids are brought up. It really is the parents fault. I was walking through walsall town centre a few days ago on my way home from work and i saw a woman or should i say girl with a little girl of about 3 years old. This chavette piece of crap started to shout at the top of her voice at her little child, using every swear word known to man and pulling at the little girl and dragging her. So my point being if you are brought up around foul language and violence surely you will grow up thinking this is the norm. I luckily have been brought up to have manners, to speak correctly, to work for a living, to respect my elders, to dress appropriately for every occassion and to strive to be a decent human being. I am 22 and already i am making plans to move from this awful town of Walshole (walsall). I am fed up of junkie scum coming up to me and begging for money or to use my mobile phone, yes one cheeky sod actually asked if he could use my mobile phone, you just know as soon as i would have handed it over he would have ran like the wind and left me feeling stupid but luckily i am not as dim as these scumbags think i am and point blank every time always tell them where to go or politely (ok maybe not always polietly) tell them to get a job and stop bothering me. Walsall can be bearable sometimes but i would say Saturday afternoon in walsall town centre is a warzone and to avoid it like the plague. For all teenage girls wishing to go on an innocent shopping trip i suggest Sutton town centre, very clean and relitively chav free. There is an emidemic of these chav scumbags and i fear they are here to stay so all we can do is concentrate on bettering ourselves and sticking 2 fingers up to them who will never be able to afford a holiday of a life time, their own owned home, decent clothes, a child to be proud of, diamonds rather than glass, champagne rather than cheap cider, you only get these things if you work hard and play hard and realise that where you live shouldnt bring you down it should make you want to move on to bigger and better things and leave all the scum well and truly where they belong, stuck in their stinky houses that the state have to pay for with their stinky kids that the state have to pay for and their cheap beer that the state have to pay for and….. you see my point. Next time a chav comes up to you and has a go for no reason try saying to them "i dont need to give you the time of day you money sucking, good for nothing, burberry wearing good for nothing" and just walk away and leave them to ponder (if they have that ability). So just remember all is not lost, just avoid them at all costs and there are other places to shop other than walsall. Good luck all you decent people and never let them speak to you as if you are less than them because you are not. Long live the decent hardworking human being, death to the chav, chavette and junkie scum. Amen.