The amount of takeaways , old people and charity shops in leek.

When talking about leek , there is only one thing that would improve it , A F*****G NUKE.

Why did Mr Hitler miss leek in world war 2 , and the japs , f**k pearl harbour.

Leek needs raping with bombs like the 13 year old c***s that get gang raped in the local hang out of the band stand of brough park.

The entrance to all areas of leek are very decieving , nice country side and s**t. Then you get into the town center  you got a group wanna be gangsters and mc’s but are really on the dole and shagging their own mothers for a can of special brew.

And then there is the old people , yes they have every right to be here but for f**k sake for the love of god die already , ”the kids of this town need something to do”  so then the council propose a cinema and bowling complex , then the f*****g coffin dodgers are like ”noo cant do that it will ruin the rustic aesthetic of the town”

There is no rustic aesthetics apart from the huge clock tower which is used for a public urinal on a saturday night anyway.

And then theres the charity shops  what sort of town needs two f*****g cancer research shops , cancer is bad but if no one is donating to the first one , then why open a second one.

And now we move to takeaways , there is about 10 alone in the town centre , all swarming with c***s trying to buy there 5 a day of chips and cheese.

This is a town that really has no future , one day i hope world war 3 happens and some guy things  ‘f**k i hate that town” and blows it to bits , by that time me and my peers shall f**k right off!

And ps. metalheads are better than c***s , nuff said.

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