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Amersham is surrounded by Chav (or Kev) cities. Chesham is right next door with Aylesbury, Wycombe, Watford, Slough, Uxbridge and Harrow being the next big town in every direction. However on the surface Amersham looks chav free. This is because all the chavs hang out in these nearby towns. Chesham is the home of the mini-Kev, but Amersham is the home of the posh-Kev. These have made a fortune in building/plumbing/defrauding people and move to a nice place. Amersham has become the home of chavs searching for a posh life. Thankfully most of these ex-chavs leave their chavvy ways behind.

Longfield drive during school hours is a mecca for chavved up cars put there by pupils at the local grammar school. The pupils here mostly come from rich families, so the cars are new, but still chavved up with new parts (this is the start of all chav car parts, they gradually migrate through theft to Liverpool). my guess is that these pupils are trying to shed their middle class lineage to try to be cool. Winkers Farm (and supposidly nightclub, but more like dump) is the night time haunt of a clubbing chav, however you are more likely to meet a chav in one of the many pubs and clubs in the aformentioned other towns.

Any Chav under 18 and unable to leave Amersham will be found drinking at the “ill”Eagle, any chav over 18 is too old to be served there, so goes to the Nag’s Head. The only other place to see Amersham’s chavs is the skate park. This was going to be knocked down to put in seats, as sitting was all the chavs did there (this was an initiative of Amerhsam youth council, ie all those people who get called suck up or swot by even the normal kids and not just the chavs), however the chavs objected and used the skate park for a couple of days in order to prove they use it. Then someone (see below for a guess) torched it and it got rebuilt.

The chief chav in town is Lee Bignal (as mentioned in a Chesham thread). His gang of people who are too scared not to follow him are always looking for trouble.

All in all Amersham is the place chavs go to try and become middle class. however Amersham is also the place where middle class teenagers are desperately wanting to be chavs, their problem is that there are few places to do this so go and add to the chav problem elsewhere.

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