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I know it is not strictly a town but a theme park but when I visited the place earlier this year I have NEVER seen such a high concentration of chavs outside the Beaumont Centre in Leicester! OK it may have been because of a ticket promotion in The Sun (the favoured Journal of all Chavs!) but even so!

I noticed when I got to the car park there were alot of modded (in a penis enlarging way) cars, but when I got through the gates it was like there was a big discount on for people who collected vouchers from JJB sports! There were Kappa tracksuits, topknots, hooped earings as far as the eye could see! At the thrill ride stations where people leave their loose articles you could guarantee to see at least 3 Burberry bags.

The funniest site of all was on the rapid ride. In the ring in front of us was a really chavvy group wearing the ususal chavscum attire but the funniest bit was one of the fattish chavettes who had a ginger scrapeback and had a really tight pair of jeans with the words ‘Kiss Me’ written in spangles on her arse!

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