Alnwick (Wild Wild West!)

North WestNorthumberland

Ooh Alnwick, such a bizarre place.

Me and my mates went up to Seahouses for the weekend and went for a night out in Alnwick. What a bad idea that turned out to be.
A town so beautiful by day is frightening at night.

We went to a pub near the club we were going to later. We had a choice of two. The first had lots of ***** outside so we opted for the nicer looking pub.

How grim is your Postcode?

What a bizarre place! The first half of the pub is quite nice and everyone looked quite normal then suddenly the carpet stops and the room turns into a social club type thing with a pool table and *****.

Now the signs were there, that we should lave left, but we ignored them. When we saw a guy staggering through with blood on his top and not a bouncer in sight, that’s when we should have turned and run but no.

Instead a mini brawl kicked off but was soon stopped by bouncers – goodness where they came from.
We thought it was all sorted til some kid (15ish) runs through the pub picks up the pool cue, smashes it on the pool table and tried to attack a guy in his 40’s.
Beer was spiling all over the pool table and I was mesmerised by it (thinking somebody should pick it up, I think weird stuff when I’m drunk) until a bar stool went flying past my head. My friends saw what was happening and dragged me through a door just as 15 people came crashing against it.
It was a full on wild west style bar brawl. Turns out 3 families had christenings on the same day and none of them get on, or something like that.

After this we went to the club, dodgy place if ever there was one. I don’t scare easy but this place had me stood stock still incase I nudged the wrong person. Especialy the troll like woman walking round with greasy hair, arms like a boxer and eyes rolling round the back of her head.

It was in this establishment we met a lad called Kev. At the end of the night he asked us to watch him. He stood on the chairs and started dancing, the bouncer told him to get down but he refused, so the bouncer grabbed his tie (he’d been to a christening) and instructed him to get down once more. Kev still refused so the bouncer grabbed him and threw him to the floor sending a table and bottles flying all over. He then dragged him across the floor and threw him out.

When we saw Kev outside he was so proud of himself, it was his weekly trick and the quickest he’d been kicked out at the time, his goal for the evening was get ‘Tonto’, get chucked out!

Thankyou Kev for providing our evenings entertainment!

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