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Oh my goodness! I have never been in such a hell hole. I was stood at the bright green bus station in Alloa a few weeks back, and I could play "spot the junkie/scum"! There were woman walking about with their hair so slick back you could see lumps on their heads! Their eyes so drawn in you had to look hard to see! This place is so obviously a dump! As I was stading at the bus stop I got "awrite dahrlin" many times, which made me feel sick. They obviously felt high and might in their own shite hole after cashing in giro cheques. And boy racers kicking about during the day, which just shows they dont have a job. And every female aged 8-25 had a pram/buggie or a kid round their waste. This place should be bombed and started all over again! The ultimate CHAV TOWN!

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Scotland

A small waste bin of Society full of down n outs and failed textile workers!!!! can it be that hard????
this is the town they send people who were too bad for the raploch too so they just become normal members of society!!!!!
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Alloa, possibly the most depressing place on earth. Which makes it perfect for Chavs (or Neds or Schemies as they get called up here). The town centre is a perfect example of 1960’s lack of town planning. The newest building in town is the Police Station, which is conviently on the road to Sauchie, the other neaby Chavtown.

The town boasts two bus stops where Chavs hang out and drink and try to either intimidate or beg money so that they can get their next bottle of Buckfast. Nearby is the CO-OP Supermarket, where Chav Mothers can be heard telling their kids to “get into the fuckin’ store”. Convenience itself is here – the store is near to the DHS offices, and near to the council flats. Actually Alloa is just council flats and houses. It ahs the lowest property prices in Britain, but then as Chavtown of the year, that’s hardly surprising…